The Lamp That Everyone is Talking About

December 3rd, 2015

om047_cropWe’ve seen a lot of lamps over the years. Many of them have been excellent but we believe our latest – the Purelite Ultra – is the best we have seen. A well-known lacemaker who bought one from us at Havant is certainly impressed :

My new light is superb -‘brilliant’ in every way! I’ve used it for beading and lace – I only needed it on daylight setting 2 today in spite of it being a really dull day. I thoroughly recommend it.

What is really new is it’s selectable colour spectrums – Natural, Daylight and Cool – each adjustable for brightness so that you can match the light to your requirement and the surrounding light conditions. Its efficient LED lights are clustered round a good-sized X2 magnifer and it’s built-in, rechargeable battery makes it fully portable – as a floor light, table light or clipped to something firm.

We’ll have them at the Christmas Lace Fair at Cranmore Park on Saturday – so take a look then. We think you will like what you see.

Convinced already and going to the fair ? ┬áThen give us a call on 0115-9720110 before noon on Friday 4th December to reserve one – or any other of your requirements – for pick up at the fair.

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