Books > Crochet Lace Books > Mary Card's Crochet Lace - Flower Designs

by Barbara Ballantyne

Bringing together about 30 of Mary Card's filet or picture crochet patterns which feature flowers - including the pansy and bees cloth, the periwinkle and maidenhair fern cloth and jasmine set that are not often seen. All were created originally during the first forty years of the twentieth century and have enchanted generations of women around the world.
The book will appeal to crocheters who wish to work the patterns - as originals or adaptations - to others who collect Mary Card's works and to others who may spend many happy hours admiring the varied designs and reading about Mary's life, work and the customs of the era.
This excellently presented book, and its companion book of bird designs, include beautifully clear redrawn graphs and Mary's revised and expanded instructions.

ISBN 978-0-9580235-5-9
72 pages - Softback