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by Regine Siebdrath

After graduating from the Schneeberg Lace School, the author taught and made bobbin lace for 50 years in Hohndorf in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) of Saxony and is one of the outstanding lace designers in Germany.

This folder has been published in celebration of these fifty years. It contains quite a number of very attractive pictorial designs (‘bird of paradise’, ‘castle in the air’, ‘bride and groom’, ‘nosegay’  - and more) as well as necklaces, mats and table runners, a whole alphabet and some traditional Christmas motifs: - angel, bell, Mary and child and more. See lower image for pictures of included projects.(click to enlarge)

It includes a booklet with colour photographs of the lace. The  prickings and instructions are on separate sheets. The text is in German.

4th edition, 2014
ISBN 978-3-89798-193-5
Card folder containing 12 page booklet and 6 folded pattern sheets