Books > Lacemaking Books > Verborgene Spitzen aus dem Museum Kunstpalast

by Heike Beckers-Hartl. Maria Kilian & Claudia Schuster
A well-presented book, containing 17 pieces of beautiful lace from the Kunstpalast Museum in Düssseldorf , which have been selected, photographed, reconstructed and reworked by the authors.
The presentation of each piece includes a photograph of the detail of both the original and reworked lace, a photograph of the overall project (where appropriate), pricking(s) and clear diagram(s) of the working detail. 
The book opens with a history of the museum and accounts of the life of Canon Dr Franz Block (1823-1899) and Tina Frauberger (1861-1937), who each played a major part in the formation of the collection.
The text is in both German and English

84 pages in a stiff glossy cover
Published January 2014