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by Pat Earnshaw
A beautifully produced book from an author renowned as an authority on the identification of lace.
A short section at the begining, gives a brief outline of the historical development of needlelace in the various European centres and is followed by a chapter describing the basic equipment and skills used. Then, the main section describes the characteristics of each of the main distinctive styles of needlelace - Point de France, Point de Sedan, Argentan, Argentella, Alencon, Reseau Venise and Point de Gaze - with detailed drawings, stitch samples and photographs. Each section has a project incorporating many of the stitches shown and there is a final section giving examples of work by leading textile artists, intended to assist self expression in design.

Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs and clear line drawings throughout.

In excellent condition throughout except for very minor bumps to dust jacket corners. .

128 pages hardback
ISBN 1 85391 158 5
Published by Merehurst Limited, 1991