Books > Second Hand Books > Thomas Lester, his Lace & the East Midlands Industry, 1820-1905

by Anne Buck
A comprehensive study of the life of this important figure and the workings of the lace industry in this region in this era. It sets his designs and the development of his family business against the fashions of the period, the conditions in the industry and the relentless competitiom from machine made lace. The author, who was deputy curator at Luton Museum, uses examples from the collection in the museum and at Cecil Higgins Art Gallery to illustrate his work and assesses its quality.  
Very well illustrated with many clear, black and white photographs throughout.
In good condition but with faded dust jacket. Priced accordingly

ISBN 0 903585 09 X
Published by Ruth Bean, 1981
108 pages - English text - Hardback