Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my Account ? When you place an order you will need to set up an account which may then be reused for subsequent orders. All you will need to do is fill in your e-mail address and payment address details and one or two more simple questions. We do not hold or see your credit card details as these are dealt with securely on our behalf by SagePay. You will be able to change your account details at any time and during the order check-out process. When checking out you can confirm your payment address as the delivery address or enter an alternative for the delivery.  You may login to your account at anytime using the e-mail address you last used and the password you set-up. If you have forgotten your password you can request it to be sent to the e-mail address currently held. Once you have logged in you may change your details (including your e-mail address which then becomes your login next time), change your password and view your order history. Please be aware that the details shown here are 'as ordered' - any variations made when shipping or invoicing are not reflected here. However, we have now introduced a Notes facility in which we are able to append details about the processing of the order. This will often indicate how things are progressing and any variations that occurred. The Status of the order is shown in all cases. Most are self-explanatory but here are the most important :

  • In Progress  -  the order is current and not yet shipped
  • Payment Pending - we received an order but, for some reason, the payment authentication was not completed
  • Completed - the order has been shipped
  • Abandoned - the order was received but, for some reason, it was not completed and no further action will take place


How do I find what I want ?  All our products are grouped in broad categories which are listed on the menu on the left. Choosing one of these - such as "Thread" - will usually show a number of sub-categories - in the case of Thread. Finca. DMC. etc. Choose the group you want and see a summary of all its products - if. for instance. you chose "Finca" you will see a list of all the Finca threads we offer. Click "View Detail" for anything you are interested in and all its details will display. At this point. you can. if you wish. click on the displayed images to see an enlarged version; this is particularly useful for shade card images. If you wish to purchase an item. select from any options that are displayed and click "Add to Basket". Your shopping basket with this item. along with any other items you have selected. will then display and it is here that you can change the quantity for this and other items. You always have the chance to amend and cancel items at any time before confirming the order.

The site search facility is always available to assist you to find what you you want. You can search globally across all products using the option to be found at the top of all pages or within any category by using the option to be found at the top of the respective category window. Enter any word or part word that you believe is in the name or description of the item you seek. We have added other hidden key words  which we anticipate that you might use and these may be searched for too. Books can be searched by ISBN (try part of this as formats differ) or author by entering an element of either. You can find whats new this year by search for the year (e.g. 2006 ) as we have added that as a keyword for new items added in 2006 and will do so in future years.

What about delivery charges ?  We do everything we can to make sure our delivery charges are kept to a minimum but, at the same time, wherever possible, we make it possible for you to choose from options that allow for faster or slower delivery options, where appropriate to your needs.

During order entry, the estimated ‘Standard’ delivery charge for each of the various Regions is built up as each item is added and these are displayed for your information.  This ‘Standard’ amount will be the initially most appropriate in terms of cost and/or efficiency although, where they are available, other options will be offered for selection, once your Region has been determined.

The available options will vary depending on the region to where the order is to be delivered:

  • United Kingdom: A very cost-effective and efficient courier service is now offered as the 'Standard' methed of delivery.  During the checkout process, all available options - including First and Second Class Royal Mail - will be offered and quantified so that you can weigh their relative merits in tems of cost and delivery times.  For smaller orders, where there is the possibility of further savings where the order packs as a ‘Large Letter’, this possibility will be pointed out and the saving will be passed on if it turns out to be beneficial to you. Pillows and some other bulky items are always sent by courier within the UK.
  • Scottish Isles & Isle of Man: Orders here may be delivered using full range of UK Royal Mail Second or First Class mail as well as our UK courier option, with all, where applicable, subject to choice.  The courier option is, however, subject to a £2.00 surcharge that is not initially included in the order value but will be charged on dispatch.
  • Channel Islands:  Orders here will normally be delivered using the UK Royal Mail Second or First Class mail, with the option, where applicable, to choose which is preferred.  Our UK courier option is not, however, an option here.
  • Europe: Orders to what is defined as ‘Europe’ by the Royal Mail will normally be charged and sent by airmail.  When particularly heavy items are being shipped we will consider the use of a courier if it is cost beneficial and pass on any saving.  It should be noted that this definition of Europe takes in more than the usual definition of Continental Europe but that it is recognised automatically when the calculation is made.
  • Rest of the World:  While airmail is expected to continue to be the delivery method of choice and will be offered as the default, the option of delivery by surface mail is now quantified and may be selected if preferred.  Surface mail, while taking a relatively long time, can offer large financial savings and may be particularly attractive where heavy items are to be sent.

If you wish to nominate a 'safe place' where your order can be left if you are out when it arrives, please do so using the order comments area during checkout. Use of this option is at your risk.

In some cases, the delivery options show estimated delivery times. These are shown as a guide only and cannot be guaranteed, as they often depend on local delivery standards and conditions.   In general, times are more reliable when the destination is a major urban centre and less reliable where it is a more rural or isolated area. Unfortunately, deliveries to Italy often take much longer to arrive (7-21 days) than other parts of Western Europe ( usually 3-4 days).

Low value orders will be subject to a small order surcharge. When this applies, a warning will given in the Basket, showing the amount of the charge and the amount required to avoid the charge. Orders over £100 will be charged an Insurance surcharge (currently £5.00, or £2.50 for UK courier delivery).  An appropriate message will be displayed in the Basket.

Charges are not made to your card or to PayPal until we are about to dispatch your order.

How much is it dollars (euros. whatever ... ) ? All our prices and charges are in Pounds Sterling. We do not quote prices in other currencies - although you can find out roughly what it will be in your currency by using an online currency conversion guide - such as the Currency Converter. However. when you pay with a Credit Card or PayPal. the sterling amount you accept is converted automatically to the currency used by your card provider at the then current rate and will appear on your card statement in your currency - its very convenient and by far the easiest way of international settlement. If you have not purchased internationally before. you will soon discover that doing so from Roseground is very easy and straightforward (and freight charges are competitive and probably much less than you may expect) and you have the chance to see whats new in the wider lace world.

I have changed my email address. What do I do ? : As we don't have access to change the personal details on your account, please make any necessary changes by using your old email address to login, select the 'My Details' option in the heading and then change the displayed email address to your new one. Your physical address can also be changed if necessary.  Then log out and use your new email address to login in the future.

I can't view all of a shade-card as the window has no scroll bars  This was a problem which was encountered by a few users when displaying the larger shade card images (such as Lizbeth).  We believe it is now fixed, so we would appreciate an e-mail from anyone still encountering this problem, letting us know what operating system and browser was used.  We apologise for any inconveniece this issue may cause.