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Sorry, this item is no longer stocked by Roseground and can no longer be supplied.

A floor-standing light and  magnifier  which can alternatively be converted to a desk light or can be clamped to a table. This versatile unit is ideal when working at the pillow or for other crafts and hobbies.

From a satisfied customer : My new light is superb -'brilliant' in every way! I've used it for beading and lace - I only needed it on daylight setting 2 today in spite of it being a really dull day. I thoroughly recommend it.

Incorporates powerful LEDs around a 5" x2 rimless magnifier mounted on a flexible neck which fits on a floor stand or, alternatively, to the supplied sturdy clamp for table mounting. The flexible neck may also be fitted directly to the base to become a desk lamp.

The efficient LED technology produces more light with virtually no heat. The touch sensitive light controls adjust the colour spectrum and brightness to suit your needs, any time of the day :

Natural (4000k) shows colours as they are
Daylight (5000k) with a hint of blue - ideal when working late at night
Cool (6000k) the purest of whites - for detailed work where high definition is required

Mains or battery operated  incorporating a built-in rechargeable battery(suitable for UK only)

White finish.

As this is a bulky item it can only be sent by Courier within the UK. Outside the UK, our standard delivery estimate may be understated. We will let you know before shipping.