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Sorry, this item is no longer stocked by Roseground and can no longer be supplied.

We are delighted to offer this pattern on behalf of Louise West in support of her Crowd Funding Campaign to help Louise buy the laser cutter, laser printer and associated software to produce lace patterns ready to work - fully marked and pricked.

This pattern (along with two others available on this site) have been generously donated by Gitte Pederson from Denmark and they will be available for the duration of the crowd funding campaign only.  The full cost of this pricking (£2.50) will go to the campaign. The pricking comes with working instructions

How fabulous would it be to make your own hand made lace scarf!  This really is stunning - all you need are 42 pairs of Marino Wool (7 wraps per cm if using an equivalent yarn) in two colours.  This Torchon scarf is worked in cloth stitch and half stitch. 

NB.  There is no minimum charge when purchasing the crowd funding patterns.

Please visit for more information and to support this fabulous project