Early History of Irish Crochet Lace

Early History of Irish Crochet Lace



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by Barbara Ballantyne

A book that tells the stories of the Irish people who created this beautiful lace - which began as a lower-priced version of the traditional needle and bobbin laces and then developed as an art form in its own right.   This fresh account draws on a wide range of rare old books and records, some recently discovered in Ireland. It gives insights into the remarkable job-creation programmes set up by the nuns, wives of clergymen and other benevolent people at the time of the famine and later by various government bodies.  

The detailed illustrations, many of them new, show what the early laces looked like.   This excellently presented book, and its companion "Mademoiselle Riego and Irish Crochet Lace", are the result of careful research and have extensive references, bibliography and appendices.  

ISBN 978-0-9580235-2-8
64 pages - Softback