Irish Crochet Lace in the Nineteenth Century

Irish Crochet Lace in the Nineteenth Century


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by Barbara Ballantyne

Irish crochet lace arose during the years of the Great Irish Famine (1846-1852), providing desperately needed income when many families would otherwise have starved. After beginning by copying other laces, developed a style and techniques of its own over the following fifty years

The author uses twenty-nine laces from Australian collections, mostly her own, to illustrate and describe the styles and techniques that developed in imaginative, diverse, interesting, informal and occasional naive ways.  Many of the laces used are complicated with a variey of unusual techniques. 

The book is copiously and clearly illustrated and meticulously presented

The thorough endnotes and appendices provide much detail on the techniques used, dating the lace and references used.


ISBN 978-0958085072-7
Published 2012 by Barbara Ballantyne
88 pages - Bound softback