Large Oval Pendant

Large Oval Pendant

Was: £8.95
Now: £4.48

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** Now discounted by 50%! Random colour choice will be sent due to limited stock - red or pink only now**

An oval metal pendant mount, with a beautiful shell-like finish. With the lace add this gives a really striking look.

Measures approximately 9cm x 6.5cm at the widest points.

Sold as a kit (frame and two pattern options) for you to work.

The image shows the finished lace in place.

Various frame colours - specify your preference. If the selected colour is not in stock, we will normall send an alternative unless you indicate not to do so.**Colour choice no longer available **

When finishing you will need to use a glue (not supplied) such as Loctite or UHU, to secure the lace to the reverse of the frame.