The Technique of Filet Crochet with Mary Card Designs & Methods

The Technique of Filet Crochet with Mary Card Designs & Methods


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by Barbara Ballantyne

Mary Card was more than a wonderful designer of crochet lace. She was also an excellent teacher. She clearly explained good techniques which the author of this book learnt during its preparation.
The book teaches the finer points of crochet lace, bringing together for the first time many simple techniques which will make your work easier and more attractive. It is ideal for beginners - it covers the basics of crocheting, discusses the range of hooks and threads currently available, posture and other related matters. Beginners may work their way through a few exercises and graded series of small simple pieces. The many detailed illustrations, tips and reminders make learning easy. Four exercises may be worked as coasters and two can be made into beaded pincushions. Experienced crocheters may also benefit from the book and trying a few of the methods. Three large mats have been included for them.

In addition to the basic filet crochet methods with increasing and decreasing, there are some special techniques. These include working square, avoiding gaps at the tops of the stitches, working blocks the same width as spaces, working out from the centre line in both directions, working into the side of filet crochet, joining the last row to the first and mounting lace on fabric. An unusual method of adding beads to the outer row of jug covers is given as well as the traditional way.

A number of Mary's patterns are included, presented as graphs with some written instructions and stitch diagrams. Also included are three appealing patterns from other designers provide easy learning and practice pieces

ISBN 0-9580235-1-4

80 pages - Softback