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A quality pillow with moveable blocks to enable the work to be repositioned as it progresses. The 18" version has four full and two half moveable blocks. The two smaller versions have 5 full moveable blocks. In all sizes, the moveable blocks are contained within four fixed corner blocks.

A 15 inch (37cm - with 5" blocks). Also configured as a travel pillow, a 12 inch (30cm - with 4" blocks) pillow with a carrying bag (see lower image) .

All blocks are about 2 inches (5cm) deep.

The pillow and blocks have a firm foam interior, a wooden base and are covered in blue cotton fabric, ready for use.

As this is a bulky item it can only be sent by Courier within the UK. Outside the UK, our standard delivery estimate may be understated. We will let you know before shipping.

From - £39.75