Roseground was founded in 1999 to offer a comprehensive service to lacemakers and tatters based on a thorough understanding of their needs.

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Pat Hallam, its founder, has been a familiar face around the lacemaking world for almost 50 years and she brings that long experience of lacemaking for the benefit of Roseground’s customers.

In 2004, she was joined by her daughter. Pam Sharples, who then took responsibility for all aspects of the newly acquired bobbin business. Now Pam takes the lead in all aspects of the business while Pat continues to offer her long experience, advice and practical help.

Pat Hallam

Pam Sharples

Now a leading supplier of tatting and lacemaking supplies. Roseground serves its customers around the world by mail order and by its attendance at lace events. It uses that experience and knowledge to seek out the latest and the best for the benefit of its many customers - they know that there is always something new and exciting at Roseground !

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