Aerlit Tatting Shuttle

Aerlit Tatting Shuttle


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A plastic tatting shuttle with an in-built, removable bobbin-type spool, a steel hook at one end and the other end shaped to take the bobbin for winding.

Carefully reproduced in the style of  the early "Made in England" bobbin type shuttle which has been out of production for decades. Thoroughly tested by leading shuttle tatters.

Single shuttle, approx 3" (7 cm) in length,  in choice of six colours.

Colours shown in the main picture are, top to bottom, mint (with chocolate spool), purple (with lilac spool) and lime (with lime spool).

Those in the lower picture are Boysenberry (with lighter 'berry' spool), Caribbean Sky Blue (with lighter 'sky' spool) and Cherry (with 'vanilla' spool)

Supplied complete with a spare spool.