Bees, Birds and Butterflies in Lace

Bees, Birds and Butterflies in Lace


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by Edna Sutton & Mary Moseley

The authors turned to their stamp collections for inspiration.when designing this impressive collection of patterns for bees, dragonflies, ladybirds, birds, butterflies and moths. Simpler designs are presented first in each section, leading on to the more complex. The patterns use several techniques, including torchon, Binche, Valenciennes, Duchesse, Russian tape, Bruges flower, needle, Brussels and Irish.

Each pattern is presented with instructions, pricking, working diagrams and black and white photograph. A section of colour photographs of many of the pieces and the stamps that inspired them, is included.

In excellent condition except for very minor abrasions to dust jacket.

ISBN 0 7134 6365 1
Published by Batsford, 1991
130 pages - Hardback