Bobbin Lace Patterns

Bobbin Lace Patterns


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by Tiny Zwaal-Lint

37 patterns from Holland, of a variety of techniques, all designed by the author. Has prickings on thin card designed to be torn from the book for use. Each pattern has a setting-up diagram, a clear photograph of the finished work and often, detail photographs, notes on working method, number of bobbins required, etc.

Suitable for those with familiarity with bobbin lace techniques.

In very good condition throughout except for scuffs and fading to cover.. All prickings intact and unpricked. Obscured owner's label on title page.

ISBN 0 7134 4442 8

Originally published in 1981 and by Batsford 1984 with a forward by Pamela Nottingham

64 pages plus about 32 pricking pages - Glossy paperback