Contemporary Tatting - New Designs from an Old Art

Contemporary Tatting - New Designs from an Old Art


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by Judith Connors

Using over 50 years tatting experience, the author combines new approaches to tatting with traditional techniques to create fifteen exciting projects. A range of traditional techniques - such as the central mock ring, split ring, pearl tatting and needle tatting - are explained with easy-to-follow instructions and then used in the projects in innovotive ways to create attractive jewelry, a wedding garter, flowers, bookmarks, runner and more.
Each project is illustrated in full colour and with clear line drawings to demonstrate the detail of the techniques.  The projects should appeal to tatters of all levels of experience

ISBN 978-1-891656-93-4
Originally Published in 2006 by Kangaroo Press
This edition by Lacis Publications, 2012
64 pages. Bound paperback with glossy cover