Dreamlit Tatting Shuttle

Dreamlit Tatting Shuttle


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Something different - the first posted shuttle with a removable bobbin.

At first glance, a traditional-shaped plastic tatting shuttle with an in-built with a steel hook at one end - but uniquely, its central post can be accessed and fitted with an interchangeable bobbin which can be wound and stored separately from the shuttle.

The shuttle is held together with strong magnets and can be pulled apart to add or remove the bobbin. Bobbins can be placed on the included bobbin holder for winding. The shuttle is supplied with a fitted bobbin as well as a spare bobbin.

Single shuttle, approx 2.75" (7 cm) in length (plus hook), in choice of five colours.

The amethyst shuttle is shown in the picture but there is a choice of five colours as shown in the lower image (click to focus and again to enlarge).