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By Ulrike Voelcker

After the success of the first part of  Ulrike Voelcker's comprehensive look at Torchon techniques, this second part has been eagerly awaited by the author's many followers - and, it seems, once more they will delighted with the content and the meticulous detail in which it is presented.

This is the second part of a three-part series which has already become a must-have for all lace makers with an interest in deepening their knowledge of Torchon techniques.  It presents an exquisite collection of mainly larger Torchon patterns, a natural progression from Part 1 which used smaller pieces which could be used to learn and to gain a firm grasp of the basics as well as some more advanced aspects of Torchon . Here in Part 2, there are references to related parts in Part 1 throughout for those who need to review a technique.  Alternatively. this second part may be used independently by experienced lacemakers who will surely value and enjoy the patterns as a stand-alone collection.
The collection is very rich in both quantity and  variety of styles. It includes meticulously detailed patterns for shawls, many exquisite edgings and mats, curtains, tablerunners, a sampler and more. In all of these, the author follows the maxim that "Form Follows Function" - that is, the design should suit the use to which the lace is to be put.  And - all are first class designs that lacemakers will enjoy in their making and use. 
Again, it consists of  a set of loose pages (122 sides on 61 double-sided sturdy, glossy sheets) in a plastic wallet, punched for holding in a loose-leaf binder (not supplied), on their own or together with Part 1 (and to which the third section may be added when it is published and purchased). The author's claim that this approach is more economical to the lacemaker and more practical than a bound hardcover book - and also allows individual sheets to be handled easier when copying the prickings - appears to be well-founded and the idea was well-received with Part 1.
The other parts are :
Part  1 - Discover Torchon - was published early in 2012 and is still available 
Part 3 - Master Torchon - is now available. It helps to deepen a real knowledge of Torchon. Iy has exercises with solutions and is based on Part 1 and therefore difficult to use without it.
Packed with very clear and meticulous diagrams, many colour assisted, prickings, photographs and instructional text.

German & English text
Loose pages punched for binder (not supplied)
122 pages