Fiandra a Tre Paia - Fiandra with Three Pairs

Fiandra a Tre Paia - Fiandra with Three Pairs


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by Diana Dussi

An introduction to this graceful lace, characteristic of Gorizia in Italy, a narrow continuous whole stitch tape, made with only three pairs of bobbins.

After an written introduction to the origins and characteristics of the lace, the book continues with practical, step-by-step exercises, using an exercise pattern, designed to teach the technique.

Then follows a series of 12 attractive patterns - including decorative motifs, handkerchief corners and a necklace and bracelet. The author used Finca 40 cotton thread for the exercise piece and Finca 50 for many of the other patterns.

An interesting lace that is sure to find followers beyond its origins in Italy.

Italian, German & Englist Text
Published by Barbara Fay Verlag, 2019
64 pages - In stiff glossy cover