Flandrische Spitze - Flanders Lace

Flandrische Spitze - Flanders Lace


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by Barbara Corbet

A good introduction to Flanders lace has been needed for some time and this book now fills that gap.

Almost half of the book describes the technique of Flanders in detail, complete with many very clear diagrams - colour-assisted where appropriate - excellent photographs and step-by-step written instructions.

The techniques section is followed by a practice piece (the half-timbered house shown on the cover) which, in turn is followed by a number of squares which provide for more practice with the various techniques. Again, there are excellent diagrams, photographs and instructions.

The rest of the book provides a range of patterns - including mats, bookmarks, handkerchief edgings and, finally, a set of patterns representing the “Four elements” (fire, water, air and earth). Of course, all are fully supported by clear disgrams, photographs and text.

ISBN: 978-3-925184-24-7

120 pages - Hardback

English and German text