Heather's Angels

Heather's Angels


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This simple but effective angel design has been designed by Heather Harris with all profits from the pack being donated to Brain Tumour Research. Roseground are proud to support Heather with raising as much as we can to support this worthy charity.

3 sizes available - cherub (small), angel (medium) and fairy (large)

Thread size of not thicker than DMC Special Dentelle 80. Metallic threads are perfect too and really make the angel look even more fabulous. You might choose to add beads too (size 10 or smaller)

You can see from the photos that you can use beads, metallic threads, sequins etc - your choice!

The kits comes with:

  • Pattern and working instructions
  • 1 painted head - all painted by Heather
  • 1 coronet
  • Wires

Approximately 12 pairs needed. You will need to stiffen the angel on completion.