Idrija Lace - Broad Tape 2

Idrija Lace - Broad Tape 2


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A further 7 of 15 traditional patterns from the Idrija Municipal Museum - the first 8 of which appear in Idrija Lace - Broad Tape 1. The patterns probably originated in Idrija at the end of the 19th and early 20 centuries and are intended to be worked using the široki ris (broad tape) techniques characteristic of Idrija lace.

Each of these patterns has been meticulously re-presented by local experts for modern use. Each pattern has a photograph of the original pattern, a digitised pattern based on the archival material, a colour-coded working diagram and photographs of the finished lace, made from the redrafted pattern.

Slovenian and English text

Published 2012

28 pages + folded pattern sheet in a card cover

ISBN 978-961-92660-3-8

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