Idrija Lace - Narrow Tape Lace & Double Stitch

Idrija Lace - Narrow Tape Lace & Double Stitch


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A step-by-step manual, describing the techniques of Idrija narrow tape lace and double stitch. Additional techniques, involving inside and outside pins and double twisting, are described first, using exercise patterns, The remainder of the book has a number of projects designed to develop a knowledge of the lace.

These exercises and projects were drawn by Ms Maja Svetlik, a pattern designer at the Idrija Lace School, supported by the the school staff.

The teaching sections are fully supported with photographs. clearly drawn diagrams and apporopriate text. Each of the exercises and projects has one or more photographs of the finished piece, a very well presented pattern and colour-coded working diagrams as appropriate.

Slovenian and English text

Published 2016

48 pages in a card cover

ISBN 978-961-92660-6-9

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