Introducing Bone Lace

Introducing Bone Lace


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by Gilian Dye

A prequil to the author's four booklets which cover aspects of 16th and 17th Century lace. 'Bone lace' was, of course, in the 16th cenury, what we now call 'bobbin lace'.
It describes and explains the techniques used in some detail and is suitable for beginners, especially those involved in re-enachment, to textile researchers and to experienced lacemakers who wish to change their mindset for a while, to understand and work these 500-year-old techniques
Excellent colour photographs, prickings, detailed instructions, and many clear line drawings and diagrams are provided throughout. 

44 A5 size pages in stiff glossy cover
ISBN 978-0-9553223-7-2
Cleveden Press 2015