Lace Identification - a Practical Guide

Lace Identification - a Practical Guide


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by Gillian Dye & Jean Leader

A book by two well known lacemakers and authors which sets out to answer we all face when attempting to identify an piece of old lace - What type of lace is it? How old is it? Is it hand-made or machine-made? What would it have been used for?

It deals predominantly with the history and construction of hand-made and machine laces of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, setting out guidelines for a systematic approach to lace identification and advice on cleaning and storage. There are separate chapters on the different types of lace: bobbin lace, needlelace, craft laces such as crochet and tatting, machine lace and lace based on tapes and nets. There are exercises on distinguishing similar pieces of lace made using different techniques and Illustrations of how lace has been used and of some of the tools used in the making.

Excellent presentation, profusely illustrated, with over 340 colour photographs.

Published by The Crowood Press - 2021
ISBN 9781785008665
176 pages - Hardback