Learn Needle Tatting Step by Step

Learn Needle Tatting Step by Step


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by Barbara Foster

Available in either English or Spanish text.

This step-by-step guide is fully illustrated with very clear colour photographs for each step to get you started with needle tatting. Techniques covered include forming the double stitch, making picots, rings and chains, joining new thread and more.

The author also show how to read patterns written for the shuttle in the various styles that have been used over the years and to use them with the needle.

Once the basics have been learned, the reader can then move on to try one of the pretty patterns that are included - a collar or doily edging, a pillowcase edging , Christmas medallion, hanky edging, a butterfly and and a note card motif.

A number 5 tatting needle needle and Size 20 thread are required for the learning exercises and are suitable for several of the projects. A number 7 needle is used for some of the smaller scale projects. Click to view our range of needles

ISBN 1-883432-05-7
28 page booklet with glossy cover