Mailander Spitze - Milanese Lace - Yesterday and Today

Mailander Spitze - Milanese Lace - Yesterday and Today


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by Barbara Corbet

Books featuring this popular lace have become difficult to find so this excellent and comprehensive publication will be welcomed by all those interested in learning or extending their knowledge of the lace.

After a brief historical summary, there follows a section of detailed explanations, in a self-study format. for all the usual techniques - starting and finishing braids, dividing and joining them as well as different solutions for working corners and curves.

There follows a section which describes 58 different braid patterns, introduced as straight versions as well as patterned corners and curves – each has a picture, colour-coded working diagram, coloured diagram for the working order and description of every step in both German and English.

The final section offers a total of 19 lace patterns which are used to practice the newly learned lessons. These include three reconstructions of traditional Milanese laces and 15 modern and, for the most part, colourful designs by the author. A square sampler makes an excellent initial project and there is an hexagonal, an oval and a square mat, a square wall hanging, four circles composed of colourful Milanese braids, a snake-sampler, three archangels and two small motifs - a heart and clover leaf.

A beautifully produced book - a must-have for the Milanese enthusiast.

ISBN: 978-3-925184-16-1
Published by Barbara Fay Verlag - 2017
240 pages - Hardback
English and German text