Neue Entwurfe in Chrysanthe-Technik

Neue Entwurfe in Chrysanthe-Technik


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by Hildegard Glös & Martina Wolter-Kampmann

A detailed introduction to the technique of Chrysanthemum lace is followed by 26 patterns to work. These are for smaller motifs, such as butterflies, hearts, droplets and anniversary numbers, but there is also a mat.

Some of the patterns use a technique, developed by Hildegard Glös, which gives the lace a three-dimensional structure by looping the tape in such a way that it rises above the rest of the lace surface. While these are more suitable for advanced lacemakers, the simpler patterns, together with the section on technique (in German), could be suitable for newcomers to the lace.

This book was completed by Martina Wolter-Kampmann following the unexpected death of Hildegard Glös.

German text
Published by Barbara Fay Verlag, 2016
56 pages + pattern sheet. Glossy bound paperpack