Old Lace - a Handbook for Collectors

Old Lace - a Handbook for Collectors


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by Margaret Jourdain

A well-balanced study of the development of lace from an early embroidery technique to its main branches in needle lace and bobbin lace - organised in chronological order of development in the chief lacemaking areas. The author uses original source material, often correcting errors that had crept into earlier works.

Whilst the author covers laces from most regions of Europe, it is noted particularly that the sections on the English laces, includes coverage on the lesser known areas as well as the well known lacemaking areas.

A valuable companion for both the lace collector and the lacemaker.

Many black and white photographs throughout.

In very good condition with plastic overcover.

Originally published in 1908
This reprinted edition by Batsford, 1988
Hardback. 121 pages (plus many unnumbered plates).
ISBN 07134 5077 0