Paisley Motif - Laser Cut Pricking

Paisley Motif - Laser Cut Pricking


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Pattern 25 from Louise West's book "Bedfordshire Lace Designs".

Requires approximately 80 pairs of bobbins. This is probably the most difficult pattern in the book. Some experience of working holes in cloth is needed before attempting it.

This pattern is a "ready to work" laser cut version. An A5 coloured postcard of the finished item is also included but does not include working instructions - these are available in the book mentioned above though at this stage it is anticipated that more decisions are taken by the lacemaker.

The "ready to work" option provides an incredibly accurate pricking complete with all markings. Absolutely nothing to do apart from putting it on your pillow and making the lace. Definitely saves a huge amount of time - this pattern has 2372 pre-pricked holes!

The lace shown in the photograph has been worked in Finca 60 thread.