Pochettes en Cluny Polychrome de Brioude

Pochettes en Cluny Polychrome de Brioude


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by Odette Arpin

Cluny Polychrome de Brioude was developed by Odette Arpin over ten years ago and has become a popular favorite with lacemakers looking for innovation. It transforms the traditional designs of the 19th and early 20th centuries by adding colour in a beautiful and striking way.

The latest book uses the techniques to transform ten traditional edgings, each with featured corners, to dramatic effect

Each of the projects has a full explanation, colour assisted diagram(s) and a superb photograph. All the text is in French so some knowledge of the language is certainly useful although there is a useful table of key terms in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Flemish. There is also a section on the special techniques used.

French text
Published by Un Dimanche Après-Midi - 2010
ISBN 978-2-37817-020-2
88 pages - Bound in stiff glossy card