Spinnen, Spinnen, Spinnen

Spinnen, Spinnen, Spinnen


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by Hildegard Glös

Spiders are, of course,  a well-known feature of Torchon lace. Here, the author goes far beyond the usual cloth-stitch, presenting 83 different spiders.
For each spider there is a clear illustration, a coloured working diagram and, where necessary, an additional thread diagram.

A selection of the spiders is then used in a spider sampler for which a photograph, a lace pricking, a working diagram and explanations are provided. The booklet serves as a reference work for looking up spiders or may be used simply to work the sampler.

ISBN 978-3-925184-22-2
German Text  (English translation sheet for the sampler instructions)
40 pages in a stiff glossy cover