Spitzen und Einsatze

Spitzen und Einsatze


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by Brigitte Bellon

The latest book from this popular and prolific author is packed full, as the title implies, of edgings and insertions.

Overall, there are 25 edging patterms, some quite narrow, some wider, some modern designs and others more traditional guipure lace with a plaited lace piece completing the collection. Some patterns are explicitly meant as handkerchief edging, others can easily be imagined as decoration for tablecloths, curtains or traditional costumes.

Each pattern has a straight pricking as well as a corner, a working diagram and a colour photograph. 

The text is German but the quality of the patterns means that those with other languages should should not be deterred

ISBN 978-3-925184-96-3
Published by Barbara Fay Verlag, 2017
German Text
48 pages in a glossy card cover