The Patricia Bury Pattern Collection **sent by email**

The Patricia Bury Pattern Collection **sent by email**


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Patrica Bury was a founding members of Alban Lacemakers in Hertfordshire, UK. Such a talented and ardent lacemaker and teacher, sharing her wealth of knowledge to many lacemakers in the St Albans area but also around the UK as well as overseas. We know that Patricia leaves many fond memories with a vast number of our followers. Sadly and far too soon, Patricia passed in July 2020.

Following Patricia’s passing, two suitcases full of card and parchment patterns were passed to Jennifer Davies at Albans Lacemakers by Patricia’s daughter. Such stunning patterns full of so much history, Jenny knew immediately that it was important that this lace history was documented, preserved and if possible, shared to the lacemaking world. Fiona Williams joined Jenny to work through what turned into quite a lengthy but such a worthwhile process – probably well over 100 hours in total to complete the job.

Many of the parchment prickings had been rolled up for many years so had to be softened in water, hung with weights before being dried. Other patterns were laid between cotton fabric under heavy weights until they were flat enough to scan.

The end result is fabulous – files featuring predominantly Bedfordshire and Bucks Point Patterns - nearly 200 included.

It is our pleasure to support Alban Lacemakers, to provide the platform to enable lacemakers around the world to easily purchase this collection of incredible patterns. All are jpg files which can then be printed (at 100% on A4 paper – check settings of your printer) to be able to use – though you may have to do some redrawing as it must be remembered that some of these prickings are very old. Any useful information gathered from the prickings is also included.

For designers or anyone thinking of designing, the files offer a wealth of inspiration – your creative thoughts will flow for sure.

Funds raised will go to Alban Lacemakers to ensure that this group is able to keep running – this would have been so important to Patricia and she would have been so delighted that her collection of patterns are now providing such inspiration to many.

The files will be sent via email and you will then be able to download and save to your own computer. When placing your order, you will need to select any of the postage options for pre-payment authorisation but the final charge will not include this. You will only be charged £25.00.