The Technique of Bobbin Lace (Revised)

The Technique of Bobbin Lace (Revised)


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by Pamela Nottingham

The 1995 "completely revised new edition" of this popular book (now, sadly, out of print - even in the more recent glossy paperback format) which has been helping lacemakers for three decades. This hardback version has chapters on equipment, preparation and basic techniques and stitches, followed by sections on the basics of Torchon, Bedfordshire and Bucks Point. Each includes details of stitches and techniques as well as a variety of patterns for edgings, insertions, mats and more. There is a chapter on joining and mounting lace. Clear patterns, diagrams and black and white photographs throughout.

In excellent condition and essentially unmarked.

ISBN 0-7134-7189-1
Published 1995 by Batsford
188 pages - Hardback