Toermalijn (Tourmaline)

Toermalijn (Tourmaline)


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A beautiful collection of patterns, using Flanders techniques, which was envisaged originally for publication to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Kantcentrum in Bruges, Sadly, this was postponed when the global pandemic put everything on hold. Now it commemorates Kantcentrum's 52nd anniversary and takes its name accordingly - the tourmaline, being a stone said to shield against negative energy and to transform it into the positive. Just the thing for today!

It includes eight beautiful projects using Flanders techniques. Each pattern includes a very clear pricking , a photograph of the finished work, thread and bobbin notes and colour assisted diagrams. There are extra, detail instructions for working with colour and other written instructions where particularly needed and helpful.

Contained in a loose-leaf, hard-backed, attractive cover for convenient use,

Published by Kantcentrum, 2022
ISBN 9789492763099
Dutch, French, English, German, Italian and Spanish text
Hard-backed covered folder with loose pattern sheets