Wooden Yarn Tatting Needles

Wooden Yarn Tatting Needles

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A choice of two sets of wooden tatting needles suitable for heavy cords and medium yarns :

These are in either rosewood or ebony (our supply varies and we will supply what is currently available)

Set 1 - 3 x 5.5 inch long needles, approx 3, 3.5 & 4 mm diameter (shown on the right of the photograph) - £11.95

Set 2 - 3 x 8 inch long needles, approx 4, 5 & 6 mm diameter (shown on the left of the photograph - £12.95

Each set is supplied with a basic needle tatting instruction sheet.

Expand the lower image to see samples worked in various yarns on each of the needles by Jaquie Teal, are shown.