Christmas Bobbins Are Here

September 15th, 2011

Christmas lace bobbinsPainted bobbins are a feature of the lacemaker’s Christmas and that’s why Roseground always does its very best to bring you designs which would be welcome on any pillow.

It is now over three years since we invited Amanda D to paint lace bobbins for Roseground and in that time her work – sometimes quirky, often more formal, but always interesting and stylish – has become a firm favorite with lacemakers around the world.  So,  for Christmas 2011,  we simply asked her to continue the good work – and we think you will like what she has produced.

Our Snowman , a  happy character, with traditional carrot nose and warm red scarf , is the ideal shape to decorate the body of the bobbin .  And too,  this design can be supplied on ebony (centre right) – as an alternative to the universally available  lemonwood (centre left) and bone (centre) options – which some will find contrasts well with the snowy scene.

Equally attractive – perhaps to those who prefer a more subtle decoration –  are the traditional Christmas Pudding design (far left), complete with sprigs of holly and mistletoe,  and the Pine Cones design (far right), featuring cones, a sprig of holly in a snowy setting.

Amanda D bobbins are supplied with a matching spangle which feature a painted bottom bead which, for this Christmas range, adds to the festive feel of these attractive commemoratives.


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