New Tatters, New Tatting Materials

November 11th, 2011

It’s good to see that tatting is growing in popularity. At every event we speak to people who are keen to get started and to join those who have been tatting for many years.

Roseground has always made sure that it serves the needs of the tatter. We stock the largest range of specialist tatting books in the UK and a wide range of shuttles and accessories to suit every taste and need.  Recently too, we have brought several exciting new products which have been welcomed by tatters – from the beginner to the most experienced .

Lizbeth thread, specially developed for crochet and tatting has been exceptionally well received by tatters all around the world. Quite simply, they have fallen in love with it ! And, it’s easy to see why – it has the texture and qualities that tatters look for, a wide and ever-growing range of solid and variegated shades and is available from Roseground in both size 20 and 40.   If you haven’t already done so,  give it a try – we think you won’t look back

Traditionally, the skill of tatting was often passed from mother to daughter and many tatters treasure their mother’s or grandmother’s shuttle – but, of course, there is always room for a new addition. This year has seen some of the old favourites reappear with a makeover and at modest prices. Check out the new ‘Aero’ Style bobbin shuttle, the Lacis Shuttle, and arriving any day now, the Starlite Shuttle with a long pick end. And, they all come in a range of bright colours – check them out !

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