Discover Torchon

May 15th, 2012

Whether you are a real beginner or have some experience with Torchon lace making and wish to learn more, the latest publication ‘Discover Torchon‘ by Ulrike Voelcker, which takes a comprehensive and sometimes innovative look at Torchon techniques, is most certainly for you.

Ulrike’s books are always eagerly awaited and never disappoint. Each one is produced in meticulous detail with copious and very clear photographs, prickings and line drawings – colour assisted where needed – and thorough instructional text in  English and German.

This time, Ulrike has taken a different approach to the physical format of the publication by supplying it as a set of loose pages, punched for holding in a loose-leaf binder of your choosing. We like this idea and we think you will too – it avoids the increasingly expensive cost of binding and allows for greater flexibility in use – for instance, individual prickings may be copied easily.  And, as Ulrike will be following up with other sections, the binder can eventually keep them all together.

The future parts, which will be available for additional purchase, will build on this first part – ‘Explore’ (expected late 2012) will add larger prickings and ‘Master’ (expected during 2013) will deepen a knowledge of Torchon even further.

In the meantime, whether or not you choose to add these extra sections as they appear, this first part stands alone and  provides a very comprehensive manual for a popular and flexible lace form. Highly recommended !

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