Even More for Tatters

May 15th, 2012

Roseground is always on the look out for what’s new in the tatting world – particularly as it is obvious to us that the craft is growing in popularity. For many, of course, it develops into a major hobby but, equally, some find it to be the ideal pastime for those odd moments we all like to discover in a busy day.

All tatters will welcome the the recent addition of six new and very attractive variegated shades to the deservedly popular Lizbeth range of tatting and crochet thread.  This thread is now a firm favourite for its excellent texture and wide range of colours – now in 76 variegated and  88 solid shades. Roseground stocks the full range in size 20 and a many of them – and growing all the time – in size 40.

Established tatters should take a look at two new booklets from popular designer, Jon Yusoff  which have followed her popular snowflake book – now ‘Elegant Tatting Gems‘ continues the theme and ‘Tatting With Rings‘ includes the plastic ring as a design element. Those who like to work attractive, wearable projects should check-out ‘Tatted Jewelry‘, an attractively produced booklet by Marilee Rockley (shown above). And everyone should take a look at the Lizbeth thread holder,  designed to keep your thread safe from dust, spills and curious pets while you are tatting   – and which comes complete with a free sample ball of Lizbeth thread !

And, for those who wish to get started, our starter kit provides an inexpensive way to have a try.  This is great value and  is available with a choice of the ever-popular ‘how-to’ sheet or a small pattern book, both by  Rosemarie Peel.  Or, take a look at a more recent addition to our range, ‘Learn to Tat‘ by Janette Baker which provides step-by-step instruction supported by a DVD.

There really is no excuse not to be part of this old-established craft which is being re-discovered by more people each day !


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