After ‘Discover’ Comes ‘Explore’ –

October 4th, 2012

When, last May, Ulrike Voelcker launched her ground-breaking and wide-ranging three-part work on Torchon, with Part 1 (‘Discover Torchon‘), it was an immediate best seller – and continues to be so, as lacemakers appreciate its comprehensive coverage of Torchon techniques, its many innovative insights and its excellent presentation. Now, the promised Part 2 – ‘Explore Torchon‘ –  has been released  – and we are certainly not disappointed and we are pretty sure that Ulrike’s many fans won’t be either !

In this part, we have a collection of larger Torchon patterns which encourage those who used the projects offered in Part 1 to move on to produce any  (or all!) of the excellent pieces that are included.  The range is wide and the variety is impressive with the author following her maxim that “Form Follows Function”  – that is, the design should suit the use to which the lace is to be put.  Thus, there are patterns for stylish shawls, attractive curtains and table runners, mats and edgings – some particularly innovative – and a sampler and more. With so much on offer, this is a book that can be used, not only as a follow on from Part 1, but also as a stand-alone pattern book for experienced lacemakers who will surely be attracted to what it offers.

Those who have progressed to this Part from the ‘Discover’ section, will welcome the references back to the relevant techniques in Part 1, that are included with each of the patterns – which are themselves presented in meticulous detail with copious and very clear photographs, prickings and line drawings – colour assisted where needed – and appropriate pattern notes in  English and German.

The book is, once again, presented as a set of sturdy loose pages, punched for holding in a loose-leaf binder of your choosing – alongside Part 1 for those who own it and to await the addition of Part 3 should you eventually choose to purchase it.  This approach has proved very popular as  it avoids the increasingly expensive cost of binding and allows for individual prickings to be taken out while in use and to make copying easier.

If you missed Part 1, don’t worry – its still available here !  And Part 3,  ‘Master’ which, we are promised, will deepen our knowledge of Torchon even further, is promised for 2013.  This is a series that is highly recommended for all Torchon lacemakers !


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