New Ways to Save

October 16th, 2012

More and more people are buying on line and it is important to us to make sure our customers get the best possible value and have increasing flexibility in the way they are able to use our site. That’s why, with mailing costs on the rise we took another look at the options we offered for delivery.

Yesterday, we launched a new-look checkout and already we find that our customers appreciate the increased range of options for delivery that it offers.

Previously, for delivery within the UK, we offered only First Class mail. This has been and still is, almost invariably, a fast and efficient service and we regularly hear from customers who are delighted to have received their order after placing it only the previous afternoon!  However, with the big hike in postage rates earlier this year, we know that our customers are realising that they can wait just a few days for their thread – or all the other things that tatters and lacemakers need – if it means they save on delivery costs.

So, we set out to offer a choice at the checkout, so that you can choose to balance cost and delivery time to match your needs. If you still need fast service you can choose it – but if you wish to save you can select from other options whenever they are available.

For those in the UK, offering the choice to opt for Second Class mail was an obvious and easy option to offer – but we wanted to go further. That’s why, for over three months now, we have been trialing courier delivery and, as a result, we are now absolutely confident in offering this service as a selectable alternative for delivery within the UK. This service, which is normally provided for us by Hermes couriers, has proved to be an extremely efficient service which is fully tracked and which delivers within 3 to 5 working days and at very economical rates – cheaper than even Second Class mail for packages over 1 kilo and the difference is markedly greater for heavier parcels.   But that’s not all – if you are worried about being out when the courier calls you can nominate a ‘safe place’ of your choice, where the package can be left if you are not at home. Of course, most of these features of courier service are well known to all of us, but we wanted to make sure that we chose a provider that provided a distinctive personal service,  and one that was keenly priced and geared to household deliveries. We think you will find that our courier option – serviced by Hermes – meets those criteria.

And we’ve looked at new options for our growing number of customers who live, tat and make lace outside the UK.  For those who live in Continental Europe, airmail continues to be the most efficient and cost-effective option available – although we continue to consider courier services for heavier deliveries where is more cost-effective and we will be looking to extend this option if appropriate alternatives become available.  Elsewhere in the world, airmail remains the choice of many but some will welcome the option that is now available to select surface delivery – where big savings are available to those who are happy to wait.

We are confident that you will find this new flexibility helpful and economical.  Its all part of the Roseground service!

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