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February 8th, 2013

There’s always something new at Roseground ? Sure is, particularly right now ! Here’s a small selection –

Tatting Treasures, the latest book by Jan Stawasz is here. Jan’s first book – “Tatting Theory and Patterns” was a run-away success and has long been out of print so it is not surprising that his latest book has been eagerly awaited.  Once again, he uses his innovative tatting technique together with over 50 well presented and very attractive projects which are sure to please.

And, while we are mentioning tatting books, be sure to take a look at the latest from Japan – Tatting Accessories and Tomoko Morimoto’s Tatting Lace.

Aerlit Shuttles – There have been plenty of shuttles over the years with inbuilt  spool but, since the original one, which has been out of production for decades. few if any have been completely satisfactory.  Now we have the ‘Aerlit’, a careful reproduction, thoroughly tested by leading shuttle tatters, which is sure to please. And, you will surely love the bold colours, each with a contrasting spool !

Diamant Thread – you will really like this metallic thread from DMC, which has a special coating which makes it very smooth when used as a lacemaking thread.  We now have it in gold and silver colours.

Idrija Lace – Broad Tape – we now have books 1 & 2, both with traditional patterns from the Idrija Municipal Museum,  probably originated in Idrija at the end of the 19th and early 20 centuries and now meticulously re-presented by local experts for modern use. These are intended to be worked using the široki ris (broad tape) techniques characteristic of Idrija lace which continues to be popular today.

And there’s more about the Idrija technique in Idrijska Cipka and a collection of smaller Idrija lace projects in Bits of Lace.  We are expecting more Idrija titles soon, we’ll let you know when they arrive.

Crochet Lace – We are big fans of Barbara Ballantyne’s ever-growing range of crochet lace books and we particularly like her latest and, if you are a crochet lace fan, we know you will too. Irish Crochet Lace in Austria & France and Irish Crochet Lace in the Nineteenth Century have arrived and are already selling well.

Don’t forget, you can always check out what’s new on the Roseground site, in any year. This year, type new2013 in any search box. And, with this year only recently started, its worth typing new2012 to see what was new last year too.

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