Why Not Try Needle Tatting?

July 31st, 2013

If you have always wanted to be able to tat but you have found using a shuttle difficult, then needle tatting is for you! Or, if you are simply looking for an inexpensive craft, it’s the right choice too.

The requirements are simple –

Learn Needle Step by Step – everything you need to learn the basics – and more – in an easy to follow booklet which is packed with illustrations to describe the steps you need to get going. Not for nothing is this our consistently best-selling book.  In addition to describing the techniques, the book offers several patterns which you can use to practice your new found skills and guidance on reading shuttle tatting patterns and use them with the needle.

A Tatting Needle – just one will do for a start – we suggest a size 5 – but there are four basic sizes, both thicker and finer that you may also try.

A Ball of Thread – we recommend Lizbeth size 20 with the size 5 needle.  One ball is all you need – say, in white – but you may consider a second in a contrasting colour of your choice, to tackle a two-colour project.

So – that’s it, all you need to get started and become another of the many who have discovered the craft and are now enthusiastic tatters. And, we know from experience that we will be soon hearing from your friends, eager to join in the fun !

And, when you have learned the basics, you find more patterns from the many tatting books offered by Roseground.  Some are written specially for the needle tatter or you can use what you have learnt to use any pattern.

Later, you might also wish to move on to tatting with yarn   For this we have a special set of steel needles or – a recent addition – sets of rosewood needles in a choice of two sizes. These needles  produce a chunkier tatting – exciting effects that had perhaps you had not previously considered – some examples of which can be seen here.

Give it a try today !



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