Beautiful Bobbins – the Easier Way

October 26th, 2014

2011_tmbxIf working with beautiful bobbins is something you would like – and who would not ! – then why not do it the easy way by joining our Bobbin-a-Month Club ?  Then you will receive one or more of our beautiful bobbins each month – or choose to receive two every two months. It’s an excellent way to build up your own collection of bobbins that will be a joy whenever you are working at your pillow.

And there are added benefits too  – including reduced spangling and postal rates and our exclusive club bobbin FREE after completing each 12 months’ membership.

You can choose from our ranges of decorated bone bobbins or painted bobbins – the choice is yours. Or you can give us an idea of type and price and we will make the selection for you.  And a subscription makes a great gift to give a special lacemaker friend or relative.

Take a look now at our wide selection of bobbins, make your choices using the downloadable Bobbin-a-Month Application and look forward to a spendid new bobbin for your pillow each month.

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