A Pillow for Every Project

November 6th, 2015

pillowAs lacemakers ourselves, we know what makes an excellent pillow and we make sure that those we supply are what we would use ourselves.

Take a look at our range of round pillows for instance. They come in four sizes – 18″, 20″, 22″ and 24″ – that’s probably what you would expect. But its the shape that sets them apart – with a flat working surface and bevelled sides to tension the bobbins. That’s our experience working for you.

Some, of course, prefer a block pillow and here we offer a choice of two sizes – 18″ and 15″ square – each with moveable blocks held within fixed corners.

And, if you need something extra we have a really versatile pillow that you can configure to suite the project in hand. With a 20″ round pillow as its base, it’s slightly truncated at the back to take inset blocks, one of which can be replaced by the roller provided, when needed.  A really super pillow !

Need a pillow  on your travels ? Then choose our small format pillow – based on a 14″ round pillow with inset blocks, supplied with or without an interchangeable roller.  Oh, and we have a travel-sized block pillow too.  What’s more – they all take full-sized bobbins so there is no need to re-equip with expensive travel bobbins.

All our pillows have a high-density foam interior on a hardboard base and are supplied ready covered with a dark blue cotton fabric, ready for use.

And what about a bag to carry your pillow to lace days and classes ?  Our sturdy, waterproof bags are ideal for carrying a round pillow. There is ample zipped access to the pillow and there is a zipped pocket for carrying accessories. The handles can be used over a shoulder or carried by hand.

Quality products – as you would expect !


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